Addictive Burn

used to love
being in your arms
and losing myself in your eyes
nuzzling my nose into the curve of your neck
your hand trailing my thigh
the addictive burn of stubble grazing cheek;
I loved the breadth of your shoulders
definition of muscle beneath soft skin
the sound of each heartbeat
as I would press my ear to your chest
to hear rhythm timed togetherness
I used to love



Deceit surrounded stealthily
in the absence of your arms
slipped covertly through the digits
shielding eyes and ears from harm

Offered herself up readily
in the absence of my arms
slipped easily into bed with you
unclothed, yet cloaked in smarm

Secrecy formed protectively
wrapped around me like strong arms
unsuspecting weakened slip-knots
cause: corrosive countercharm