At the end of my tether

Lying here, tangled
a knot in my stomach
firmly lodged and
tightly tied
at the end of a rope
(or is it the beginning?)

Hand over fist
I trace back this binding,
darkened passages
declines and inclines
steeped in anger,
the path converging
a toehold keeping me
tethered to the lies

Lying there, twisted
the rope that misleads me
refusing to unravel
yet won’t let me unwind
led in circles
back to the beginning
(or is it the end?)
am I bound to be untied?


Weightlessly Fixated

They sit now, facing
formally, strangers
weightlessly fixated
in one another’s words
anchored to coffee cups
each speaking foreign language
though it’s loosely translated
and lines become blurred

One too many prying questions
left skillfully unanswered
meet inquisitive blue eyes
as cheeks flush red
prior engagements
call time on this arrangement
de-parting hastily
the remainder left unsaid

Like a Man

If  I   o p e n e d          these arms
would you have all that it takes?
to enter my embrace
like a man

Deeply Scored

You are not a convenient pastime
not a lyric that left me untouched
nor a record in my collection
or a song I’ve played too much

You are not a convenient pastime
not a cutting board deeply scored
nor gourmet food arranged delicately
for wine that will never to be poured

You are not a convenient pastime
not a soap opera lacking in plot
nor a branded advertisement
to take up an empty time slot

You are not a convenient pastime
not the darkness where I hide
nor a light my eyes grow accustomed too
on a landing without a divide

You are not a convenient pastime
but a camera shake that I’m used to
an accent which is regional
and a scene I long to cut to