Letting Off Steam

it’s presence dominates and intimidates
Overpowering me,
casting a sinister shadow across the room
the darkness only serving to magnify it’s proportions
the daily increase in size daunting
It towers over me, devouring ever more space

I try to attack it with an iron like will
but it’s never enough to stem it’s persistent growth
pressing it, does nothing to diffuse the situation
if I flatten it today….
it will only shapeshift and re-form tomorrow
there’s no escape….

Letting off steam isn’t going to help
I might as well shut up
and put up….

…the ironing board!


Empty Ghosts

Falling onto foreign mattrasses
intoxicated with himself and alcohol
hastily unzipping flies and lips
clutching at straws
and anonymous body parts
crashing against indiscriminate hips
ramparts easily battered down
with his insincere compliments
screwing over random conquests
the empty ghosts of love
notching up success on bed posts
in sordid succession
knocking up the unprotected
who fell onto foreign mattrasses
intoxicated with him