Tapping up the Sub

He lies, post sex, sleeping
sweat glistening on his frame
dark blue sheets balled up
good score for an away game


Shrink Wrap

Laying in my own blood
chilled to the bone
pumped full of drugs (weary)
plastic film clinging to my flesh (suffocating me)
even though I’m not breathing (anymore)
I wasn’t exactly living either (before)
then you released (me at) dinner time
from my vacuumed hell
I’ve been there in weight
since the cleaver fell

Seeing Red

She’s got form…

Oh too right! Thats the first thing I noticed about her
All dark hair and brooding eyes
Red dress hoisted up
teasing me with shapely thighs
Cocktail ring perched seductively on pointed finger
forcing me to look, not allowing me to linger
on her indiscretions
I should have seen beyond
the contrived sex appeal and lies
taken that red dress as a red flag
before he had to call me to advise

…she’s got form