Cool It

Don’t think I didn’t notice the way you ran your eyes over me for a second
this morning by the water cooler
I bet I can even guess what you were thinking…
‘I’d give her one, if she was 10 years younger and 10 lbs lighter’
well guess what?
I’ll bet you 10 pounds, that 10 years ago,
I wouldn’t have given you one second of my time…waster!


Carpet Burns

Did her footsteps fall on this rug?
as mine just did
shagged pile
hard pressed / depressed / thread bare
Treading carefully there, in her wake
… I still get carpet burns
And did her head rest on this pillow?
a sleeping dog
lying in a bed you made
Drawing into her
while I was miles away
… I still get suffocated
by those sensual shapes
etched onto backs of eyelids
sketchy memories you erase
but my disdain for charcoal
and still life