Pixelate me in sixty four pieces

I recently submitted a piece to Alex Norelli’s Post Art Poetry Projectan interesting concept based on the medium of mail art.  I chose a card featuring Ellsworth Kelly’s Colours for a Large Wall and then set about creating a piece of poetry inspired by it.

It was more difficult than I anticipated – the card arrived and my creative flow promptly hit a block.  I sat looking at it for weeks with no idea what to write, and the pressure to return it increasing for each day that passed. 

As it happens, a trip to Paris gave me all the inspiration I needed and I returned home and attacked the project from a completely different angle.  It was only after I had submitted the piece that I found out Kelly bought the coloured paper he based this painting on in art supply stores in Paris.  How’s that for a French Connection!

My contribution ended up like this:

After posting the card back to Alex in New York, my work here is done.  I know Alex is still looking for artists to participate on the 2nd phase of the project. So all you creative types, what are you waiting for?