Repeat these lines after me

There’s a fine line
of when to draw the line
you’ve been out of line
crossed the line
somewhere along the line
stepped out of line
fed me a line
spun a line
didn’t toe the line
had me read between the lines
all along the line
which is way out of line
and I’m gonna have to lay it on the line
it’s the end of the line
bottom line!

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is my saviour
from the social codes
Subconscious freedom
on a backdrop of sheet folds
embedded in embryonic curl
phosphorescent images
splash onto the backs of weary eyelids
in dream sequence succession
Rapid Eye Media
set to a silent soundtrack
* this piece is an edited version of a poem I wrote for Stuart West in Nov 10.  Stuart is an artist based in Hull, UK. 

The Static House Affair

There is no support in a second-hand couch
if I lay myself flat
and you continue to

There is no trust in an un-made bed
if a slump in the pillow
caressed an interloper’s head

There is no solace in a static house
when the predatory cat
stalks a computer mouse


You once told me
(whilst caressing my back)
I had the softest
smoothest skin
of anyone you’d ever met
It wasn’t long
before you had toughened it up
scarred it
beyond recognition