Use By Dating

fully replaceable

and no longer sustainable

Not green enough
or fit for purpose
leaving footprints
in your throw away universe

So you are recycling
My eco worrier!
casting lines in grey waters
not yet disillusioned by shortage
oh how ethical are you?

Go on, toss and eradicate
go on a use by date
that’s not ball in the game of fairtrade
just an own goal
in the name of waste


Liquid History

The city was mine back then
I owned her
in the brash confidence of youth
I took her on daily
but she would always leave me
Punch drunk and twenty minutes pregnant
bedsit bound 
the street lights lining the river 
would illuminate my way home
punctuating the darker stretches 
between unsuitable lovers
with soft refractions of light on brackish waters
liquid history
polluted with disappointment 
after swimming with possibilities