Less Deceived

Time stands still in Pearson Park
inside wrought iron boundaries
of railings 
and parked cars
Silence divides us 
like a gritty pathway
a cut through, broken up in shallow breaths.
Your pockets brim
with ham-fisted hand signals
clenched defensively 
amid the loose change and lint
until condensation rolls 
like teardrops
down wound up windows
ready to be wiped away 
by the flesh that connects elbow to wrist
this is a pilgrimage to the walls of a poet
except those desolate bricks
prove Larkin is long gone


You & Me in HD

Nothing is built to last these days
two interlaced fields formulate a single frame
temporarily shifted
as technology rapes it’s way through mankind
without resolution
mass production
in continuum
we swallow wholesale
and subscribe
to every new screen
secure in it’s vile reflection
we’re exposed in high definition
consumed by our excess
nothing is built to last these days
least of all, us