Fear: Sold

Walking home from a nightshift in Sleaford
moving from A to B
in a rough sequence of Muybridge movements
stop motion
stop the world from churning inside my brain
stop my body aching
like a bone refusing to knit
unnerving photographs from the past
super imposed on my conscience
from a time you pursued me down with a proposal
and I simply said yes
to settle 
for less

* first appeared as a guest blog on Ford Dagenham’s Hatchbacks on fire 


Isolated Devices

Caching pieces of yourself
along the crumb trail of infinite feeds
cowering behind age old avatars
cropping away less favourable body parts
in that place
where regret is erased
when hindsight catches up
You delete the diatribe
and in a set of key strokes
it’s taken from view
but still impressed on servers
hanging there
like dirty laundry
awaiting discovery in another time
but this is the modern age!
Characters are formed in technological think tanks
polluted with narcissists and ill informed miscreants
it’s where we present
those fractured and manipulated versions of ourselves
This is the new world we discovered
through coppery wire
and high speed connections
led here by visionaries 
armed with punch cards and magnetic tape
and the irony in all this?
despite their promises
we are still
nothing more
isolated devices