Don’t look at me that way
with brown eyes
like it was yesterday
your hair
slicked back
a hint of the irreverent grin
that can have me unpinned
don’t lay your hand on the small of my back
so the heat of your palm
leaves a brand
as if to reclaim me



The only requirement
was absolute honesty
you were too broken

No Regrets

hotel room
in summer
sheets pulled taut across the bed
cotton as tense as the buzz between us
reckless place to be
caught up in the midst
of past
and present
like ants in amber
each expecting the other to move
to remember
what it was like
to feel
to breathe in each other’s breath
leaving room
for no regrets

Desired Effect

Your soft promises of love
written poetically
laid to rest on our bed
had the desired effect
they were the blinders
that hid the transgressions
and the indentation on my pillow
of an interloper’s head

Air Mail

Don’t send me envelopes
stuffed full of hot air
devoid of emotion
lacking any sign of love
or devotion
they are not worth the paper
they aren’t written on