Watered Down

Want no part of love diluted
by fear
with past heartbreaks
or future indiscretions
I’ve met that kind before
turned myself inside out for it
invested more than I had to lose
used it
like a razor blade
on the skin of a cutter
dragged it across my flesh
carving in your name
and the myriad of scars I left
all that


Opposite Coasts

You and I
left pieces of ourselves
in the poetry we read
and dedicated
to each other
in songs we claimed
for their hidden messages
littered throughout lyrics
there are
pastiches of us
pasted over the artworks we digested
diaphanous layers
like a collage of lust
in airless galleries
on opposite coasts

In duplicate

Thread by navy thread
watchface chamfer
footsteps fall in my footprint
echoing motion
I am scanned
my essence duplicated
and adopted
I no longer standalone
I am cloned
being the sincerest form of flattery
I’m told

Dirty Secret

sewn together
with invisible stitching
dirty secret
single ply construction
a tromp l’oeil
designed specifically
deceive the eye

Fleshed out

Precious bones
fleshed out
laying next to me
and muscle
in repose
just a hair’s breadth
of separation
between us
that holds enough electricity
to light up the world
or mine
at least

This is your problem

your problem is this

you don’t know who you are
you are not fully formed
you are still that pubescent boy
who was damaged
confined to your bedroom
playing games
chasing thrills
you like whatever she likes
you befriend whoever she befriends
you obsess and stalk
although she could be anyone
and everyone
who catches your eye
or is bothered to reply
thus usurping those
who went before
you lose treasure
digging amongst the trash

this is your problem