The Softest of Prey

Poisonous thoughts that fester
and gather in momentum
words chewed up to be spat out
in-accurate searing venom
Insecurity serves to constrict you
captivates me, the softest of prey
shedding skin in the shape of apologies
we recoil from impending decay


Concrete Solidity

I‘ve ambled these streets alone
walked them in foreign company
perambulated them with child
crossed roads farther to mother
I know them as my partner
but I’m their insignificant other

They lead me to where I’m going
yet lose me at every turn
as I traipse down trodden alleys
walk paths of no return
just dead ends that lack validity
no give in their concrete solidity

Hostile Words

Hostile words
fired out in rounds
wounding as they sink in
tearing through contentious bone
and thick skin
blowing holes
in deceptive outward appearances

* inspired by Ole Martin Lund Bø’s installation “Deceptive Outward Appearances”, 2008

Softly Un-spoken

We’ve perfected the art
of ending exchanges
in softly un-spoken words
dangling them on strings
like a clock’s pendulum
or a child’s legs on a swing,
two-ing back and fro;
unfinished sentences
drawing no conclusion
painting just an illusion
of what we truly mean
so remain tight lipped
keep a firm grip
on the inner whispers
as they sculpt into screams

(W)rites of passage

s(c)ent of something on a piece of paper
tangible traces in a great divide
narrowing gaps, drawing ever closer
olfactory travels to be at your side

fragrant missives not stationary
(w)rites of passage that travel through time
sensory journeys, pleasure trips taken
push the envelope, make the content mine

Washing for Comfort (A 40°/60° Collaboration)

She’s a member of washers anonymous
and lives life at 40 degrees
Separating blacks and whites
spin cycling out in the breeze

Items tangled in pillowcases
Half eaten wholly odd socks
Colours running away with themselves
speechlessly stood at the soap box

Washing for comfort daily
a set reminder of the humdrum
Programmed economy tumbling
soaking then draining the numb

Torn in Two

Aperture turned on
You turned on
I turned on
events turned
You turned on me
I turned on you
and in turn
we’ve been torn in two

What Price Love

What price love
when you tell me you paid for stuff
yet can’t afford to give
the time of day
or to simply say
I love you
and mean it in the same way
you used to

And what will be the cost
if I tell you I’m lost
and I’m trying to find a way
back to you, back to us
or how we used to be
after we were in lust

And where’s the interest
for all the years invested
tried…and tested
has it really only amounted
to this?

If so desired (A recipe for disaster)

Self, loathing
Soaring high
Stooping low
Scraping barrels
Crushing blows
Weigh off the mark
Get set
and just go

If so desired:

add a pinch of irony

repeat the first verse

add a dash of hopes

repeat…..the last verse!

Innocent Party

You left me hurt,
with no questions asked or answered;
crumpled my heart
as you would a tissue
used once then thrown aside

Bruised me? confuse me still
without so much as a bye
or leave

But I’m no innocent party
and maybe you’re not all
that I cracked u up 2 be

Sacred Space

Does it shock you!
my heart laid out bare
a sacred space, hiding no agendas!

Had it been a body, anybody’s
would it have you
So scared?

‘Cos heart is daft
head is touched
and body lusts
conversation airbrushed